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Welcome to Beaver Class 2021/2022

Beaver Class

Teacher: Colin Atkins

Supporting Staff: Bev, Dawn, Jo, Sharon and Stewart.

W/C 6.12.2021

Beaver Class have had another busy week.

Our learning has including making special cards and writing messages in them!

In maths our learning all about shapes and making Christmas Trees, we needed to make triangles using lolly-sticks and using different sizes circles to create our cards.

We have also been thinking about the different seasons in Science, we have found out we are in winter because it is VERY cold!

We made special calendars for people at home we are very proud of them.

Beaver Star Of The Week

Ronan Bailey for fantastic listening and following instructions when making Special Christmas Surprises.

Welcome to Beaver Class 2021/2022

Beaver Class

Teacher: Colin Atkins

Supporting Staff: Bev, Dawn, Jo, Sharon and Stewart.

Beaver Class Webpage 3rd December 2021

Beaver class have had a very busy start to December. Our learning has included writing the letter J in phonics and writing words about Christmas!

We have started open our advent Calendar and thinking of ordinal language starting with the 1st!

We received a letter from Father Christmas telling Mr. Atkins to look in the cupboard! He had left some decorations for us to sort and count, and then a tree appeared for us to decorate!



For spelling some words independently!

Welcome to Beaver Class 2021/2022

Beaver Class

Teacher: Colin Atkins

Supporting Staff: Bev, Dawn, Jo, Sharon and Stewart.

Week Beginning November 21st 2021

We have had another busy week in Beaver Class, where we have been putting finishing touches to our video we have made with Mooney from Darts.

We have also started practising for our Christmas Performance video – which we CANNOT wait for you to see!

We also went to the Lions Christmas Party as an early Christmas treat. We played lots of games with Mr. Dan and watched him do lots of tricks.

We even met Father Christmas who gave us a special early Christmas Present!

Beaver Star Of The Week

Ollie Burns for saying hello to a person without being prompted!


Welcome to Beaver Class 2021/2022

Beaver Class

Teacher:Colin Atkins

Supporting Staff: Bev, Dawn, Jo, Sharon and Stewart.

We have had a very busy week in Beaver Class! Our learning has included sequencing the story of The Runaway Pizza!
In maths we have been counting different amounts and matching numbers. Some of us have been using numicon to makes tens numbers too!
We made our own Pizzas in cooking after deciding which toppings we wanted to have.
We have also been exploring “old” and “new” artefacts. We looked at some of Mr. Atkins’ old toys from when he was little – including his X-wing fighter!
We listened to a tape and a record – we found that they play music! We found out how to open a cassette case and where it went in the machine! It was very tricky.
We have also continued looking for signs of Autumn, the leaves have started falling from the trees.
Our stars Of The Week
Tristan Lawson
For trying hard in everything that he does as well as doing some fantatic listening
Ollie Burns
For taking a great interest in all the artefacts that we have had in class and being able to use the words old and new.


Beaver Class have had another brilliant week!
We have continued looking at the story of The Runaway Pizza.
We have been learning the phrase that the Pizza shouts!
“Look at me roll
Look at me go
You’ll never catch me!
NO! NO! NO!”
In phonics we have been reading words with the letter j and we have written words with J in to.
We have been melting chocolate using the microwave and we made created firework pictures using paint and kitchen roll tubes
In maths we have continued sorting and making patterns and we have also been learning to look at charts and count how many people like different toppings on their pizzas!
Our Star Of The Week
Jamie Lee for returning to school after having some time off and getting straight on with her work! It seems like she has never been away!


Our topic is “No Place Like Home”.

We are going to be thinking about who and what is at home including pets!

We are going to be learning about things we can do at home by ourselves when we get older. We will be learning about using different things in the kitchen such as using a microwave and opening tins and washing up

beaver class blog-compressed
beaver class blog



Some of us started swimming this week and did really well following instructions and keeping safe. We even jumped in!

Beaver Class have been busy exploring with magnets and finding magnetic things out in the playground.

We have thought about being kind on the playground and how we can make everyone happy!

Some more lovely work in phonics. Everyone has written the word “I” independently.


Beaver Of The Week

Noah Colcombe for amazing behaviour at the swimming baths.



We have had a fantastic week in Beaver Class.

Our learning has included writing numbers – including the number of the house we live at!

We have also been writing our first and second names!

We enjoyed going in forest school with Tom and making Journey sticks and also looked at a Kelly Kettle to boil water!

We also had a visit from some pirates! We watched Treasure Island!

Beavers of the week

Tommy-Joe for trying hard in every single thing he  has done  this week!

Jack Bognar for a fantastic week and his work in phonics!

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