Most pupils enter school with few, if any, language skills. Indeed, some are pre-verbal communicators and the vocabulary of many is somewhat limited. The acquisition of receptive and expressive language and/or of the ability to use and understand signing is, therefore, fundamentally important to all learning which takes place and underpins all aspects of the curriculum.

We strive to be a total communication environment that is tailored to each pupils’ communication need. The use of Makaton signs is used to support a pupils’ communication. Objects of Reference and photographs, and symbols are used to being encouraged the development of communication across the whole school. Pupils who can access PECs do so as a way to communicate a need, ideas and develop communication skills. The school uses the software package ‘Communicate in Print’ to produce all symbol-based learning resources and use PCS symbols to ensure a consistent approach is used. Low Tech AAC is encouraged for the pupils with emerging levels of communication. Higher Tech AAC aids are also advocated where needed, such as Communication Aids.

Makaton Signs

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