At North Ridge we strive to provide our pupils with the skills to develop functional communication using strategies that are appropriate to their individual needs and their ability by

  • Providing a multi-modal, layered approach to communication for each pupil to develop their expressive and receptive skills in curriculum activities, daily routines and in the wider community
  • Ensuring that all pupils across school have access to all AAC systems that are available to give them a variety of means to communicate
  • Providing a stimulating and communication rich environment where the opportunity to communicate and achieve is paramount
  • Developing communication skills using the principles of effective communication (experiential experience, using daily routines, repetition, generalisation and a multi-modal approach) and embed this into our curriculum and in daily routines
  • Using communication targets that are embedded across all areas of the curriculum
  • Providing pupils to not only develop their communication skills within school, but also to generalise these skills across settings and in the wider community
  • Creating a family partnership to support parents and carers in developing their confidence in using and understanding communication strategies with their child in the home environment and the wider community
  • Providing staff with the appropriate skills, knowledge and training to help support all pupils with their communication needs across the curriculum and in daily routines
  • Recognising the individual’s needs are best met when we work closely together!

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