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Welcome to Deer Class 2021/2022


Teacher:          Kirsty

Supporting Staff:  Charlotte, Chris, Lynne, and (job sharing) Jane and Hannah

Our topic this half term is: There’s no place like home
In Deer Class we are going to use our sensory story to learn about different homes. Our story is called ‘When we lived in Uncle’s hat’. In our story there are a range of characters and we also have interesting sounds, lights, textures and smells and objects that are in many different types of home. This story is quite surreal and full of surprises.

Week ended 08.10.21
Some highlights from our learning this week include:

Our science lesson this week was a big hit (with not only students but staff too). Huge thanks to Eagle Class teacher, Christina, for sourcing such excellent magnetic construction kits and lending them to us.  Emmanuel showed us how much he enjoys symmetry (see photo), Tim really explored the possibilities of magnets, joining them even at interesting angles. Kitana, engaged really well and was much more involved with separating magnets especially when she had to dig for them in a tub of rice.

Reading has also been a feature of this week. There has been a really good interest and appreciation of books and we are now matching pictures to pictures in books plus exploring all aspects; the pages, the textures and also showing awareness of writing as part of a book.

Our whole class Wow moment this week was our PE lesson
This week we incorporated travel training ( walking to the PE hall ). Next, we had a successful parachute game out in the playground. It was very exciting that the students were able to show learning of the game and transfer it to a different location. Then we had an outstanding (if I say so myself!) game of skittles. It was a huge Wow to see how everyone understood the rules, remembered the process from previous weeks and so were able to complete three rounds (two balls each time) with just verbal prompts and no additional physical assistance.

Deer Class Star of the Week is:
Emmanuel has worked well across the board. He has shown an interest in letters wherever they are; books, the big board (IAW) and logos on clothing. He has tried hard to listen to sounds and recognize them (Phonics). He has concentrated to match numbers 1-4 and finally he has got better communicating so that he has been getting to and using the toilet more successfully.


Some highlights from our learning this week include:

What a varied and interesting week this has been! On Tuesday we started a new chapter of our Sensory Story and so had lots of new materials and props to handle. On Thursday it was a school ‘Dark Day’ so we didn’t use any technology in class for the whole day. Our music of the day on a Thursday is some Jazz music so staff member Charlotte suggested that we do our own Jazz instead. Out of the music cupboard came the chime bars and wow lots of smiles too! Another Dark Day lesson was painting using paired magnets to mix coloured paints on paper plates. Big well done to Emmanuel for showing interest and persisting until he could do it independently.

Our Wow moments this week were: -James for being willing to use headphones and the sensory sock to help him regulate his senses. Plus for showing such delight with the sounds he made using the chime bars. -Tim for fantastic listening and the best ever recognition and matching of percussion sounds. -Emmanuel for excellent use of symbols to communicate -Kitana for independently walking to collect her toast at snack time -Sam for successfully matching photos of his classmates…multiple times!

Deer Class Star of the Week is: SAM TAYLOR Sam has loved earning his cookie rewards this week and gives us a big smile when he is awarded one. He has continued to enjoy books (especially Pass the Jam Jim) and has shared space with Lynn and allowed her to read the story with him several times this week.


Week ended 01.10.21
Some highlights from our learning this week include:

-In our Phonics lessons we have been working on recognising environmental sounds. On Monday we listened to Fire Engines and also the iphone ring tone and looked at photos to match the sounds to and on Thursday we had a fantastic Sound Walk in our classroom. The students first worked with some of our musical percussion instruments and then went round the classroom tapping different surfaces to listen to the sounds that cushions, chairs, cupboards and even patting your tummy can make.
In Independent Living Skills we made milk shakes using chocolate milk powder and Strawberry milk powder. This lesson involves choosing flavours, type of beater and also using some technology. Last week we problem solved to work out which buttons to press to operate the electric mixer and this week we will use an electric tin opener to open tins of fruit to blend into our milk.

Our Wow moments this week were:
-Emmanuel for showing us all his fine motor skills while writing and tracing some of his favourite words on the glass board. And also for singing along and using his voice. Especially good as it was the ‘I’m so Happy Song’!
-Marek for starting to use both hands while weaving wool fibres on a peg loom.
-Tim for independently following instruction to go and put his cookies on his reward chart.
– Kitana for independently doing some actions in Rhythm and Action Song sessions and for persevering to get her wellies on properly.
-Sam for using a new and even higher stacking cup set.

Deer Class Star of the Week is:
James has used lots of words this week, GoodBye, Bye Bye, Hello  and Cookie. He especially says Cookie when he has done great work and is awarded a cookie. James had also worked exceptionally well in Rhythm and Action Songs and also in Maths where he has persevered with problem solving when using sensory construction toys


Some highlights from our learning this week include:

-In Sensory Story sessions students are now looking at photo cards and matching them to the story props. This is all part of starting to match objects to images (Maths) and also as the cards have words on it is also showing students that letters and words are important and have meaning too (English).
– This week Deer class students have shown us that they love action songs. Today, as well as our usual ones, James started singing the BINGO one so now we have more actions to do!
It is so good when students are able to communicate and feel understood.

In Deer Class the teaching team believe that, ‘A day without laughter is a day wasted’, and I have to say that one of the ways that we make it a safe, warm and happy place to learn is by sharing happy and fun moments.

If you fancy a chuckle then here’s a classic MUPPETS LAUGHING SONG


Our Wow moments this week were:

-Kitana who used her voice and said, ‘Beep Beep’ in Outdoor Learning. Staff member, Charlotte, was pulling her in the buggy; Charlotte said ‘Choo Choo’ and Kitana replied ‘Beep Beep’.

-Emmanuel for regularly using symbols for toilet, drink and a big WOW for matching the days of the week symbols (from choice of two)

-Marek for showing us his technology skills. He showed us that he knew how to get off the writing app on the IAW and back to Internet and YouTube.

-James for his excellent independent mark making in Art. He used different brushes, pipettes and sponges and he did this independently and with intention.

-Sam for stacking a different set of stacking cups.


Deer Class Star of the Week is:
Tim has worked well this week and has earned the most cookies. To get his cookies he has; followed two step instructions, showed that he understands the routine of our sensory story sessions, and worked well in almost all lessons. He has also used his Makaton signing for Good Morning 3 days in a row.

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