Eagle Class Blog

Eagle Class

Teacher: Christina

Cover Supervisor: Leanne

Supporting Staff: Lindsey, Hayley, Sarah, Kerry, Tom


Our topic the half term is ‘There’s no place like home’. We will be looking at and labelling the things that we find in the home. We will also be looking at ourselves and the people who are close to us. In Science we are going to be exploring magnetics and what they do. We will also be having fun looking at the different equipment that we use in the kitchen and having a go ourselves.


Week Beginning 11/10/21

This week we have had a great time and everyone has engaged really well with the activities concentrating and responding to instructions. In P.E. we have been having a go at throwing and catching balls. We have been exploring different materials to work on as well as with in Art. We have also had a fantastic role play session pretending to go to a shop.

Our Star of the Week is Lilly-Mae Hotchkiss.

Lilly-Mae has had an amazing week! She has been fully of energy and has thrown herself into every activity. She has been having some fantastic intensive interaction sessions and has been having great fun exploring different environments.


Week Beginning 20/09/21

This week everyone has concentrated really hard while completing tasks at their work station. We have been experimenting using different types of brushes in our art session and we also set up a little café and the children chose what they wanted to eat from the menu.

Worth a Mention

We have been exploring magnets this week and how they work and we were amazed how engaged all the children were with the activity and how much they enjoyed watching the metal pieces moving.

Our Star of the Week is Harry Kane.

Harry has been worked hard this week taking part in all the activities; we have been impressed with his concentration and positive attitude.

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