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Welcome to Mole Class 2021/2022

Class Teacher: Mel

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Our topic this half term is

“There’s No Place Like Home”

This half term we are going to be focusing on who lives with us at home.

We are going to be creating portraits using a range of media’s. We will be recreating both self and family portraits to share who lives with us at home. We will be learning how to cook basic breakfast, dinner and tea meals, as well as keeping ourselves safe in the kitchen!

We are going to be using our investigation skills in English, where we will be collecting information to create an information poster about our school to share with our family at home.

Mole class will explore the outdoor learning area to create a range of houses and homes for different size creatures, both BIG and small! Outdoor learning is going to be super exciting!



This week in English, we have been creating a Talk4Write to help us remember the information about our school. The children in Mole class were amazing at saying the words as well as doing the actions. We even performed it as a whole class.

National Apple Day

To celebrate all things apple, we decided to put our independence skills to use to make ‘Apple Pops’. First, we needed to peel and cut the apples into slices, and then we decorated them with melted chocolate and sweets. We enjoyed decorating our apple pops and taking them out of the fridge to take home.

Listening to Stories

This week in Mole Class, we have a new piece of equipment in the reading area. We have a CD player with headphones so we can listen to lots of different stories. The children have really enjoyed this activity. We have been super impressed with their amazing sharing and looking after the piece of technology.

Wow of the Week!

A huge well done to:

Porsha for her amazing singing when DARTS came into school.

Johnny for following instructions when in the cooking room.

Ethan for taking part in the Talk4Write activity.

Alex for his amazing ball skills in PE.

Star of the Week!


Isaac has had an amazing half term. He has been so caring and helpful when out in the playground. He looks after his friends when they are outside and will often initiate play with those who are looking for someone to play with. Don’t ever lose your caring and considerate nature Isaac.

Well done Isaac Keep up the amazing work!






Dark Day

In Mole Class, we thoroughly enjoyed a day with NO technology! In the morning we went out into the fresh air and explored different materials to make a birds nest. Faith did some amazing symbol matching and Ethan did some fantastic problem solving. In the afternoon, we baked a pastry snack for us to eat whilst we listened to a story on the CD player. We had to use our good listening ears and close our eyes to imagine what was happening in the story.

Communication and Language

In English this week, we have been collecting information about our school. First, we explored the school to try to find out what amazing rooms we have in school. We also interviewed some grown-ups to find out how many teachers there are at our school and how many children there are. We found out that there are lots of children at North Ridge Community School!

Wow of the Week!

A huge well done to:

Faith for interacting with other children outside of Mole Class.

Isaac for using his excellent communication skills to ask questions about the school.

Ethan for becoming more independent whilst in the cooking room.

Star of the Week!


Clara has astounded us this week! Firstly, she did amazing at swimming and was super brave. Secondly, she had an appointment and again she was super brave! She told us they checked her “heart beat”.

Well done Clara Keep up the amazing work!


Phenomenal Phonics!

We have been amazed at the reading and writing that has been happening in Mole Class this week. In provision Clara could hear the first and middle sound in ‘pen’ and she even wrote the letters. We have also had some fantastic writing about ‘our weekend’.


Mole Class have really enjoyed music this week. Faith has done some fantastic joining in and some beautiful singing. They have all been singing and signing their name and sharing what they enjoy doing at home. Clara really enjoyed telling her friends about her arts and crafts activities at home.

RSHE and Life

Some lovely sharing activities this week in Mole Class. We have been learning to take turns, to praise our friends when they win, and to encourage each other to not give up!

Wow of the Week!

A huge well done to:

Porsha for her independence skills in PE.

Lucas for excellent tracing over letter shapes.

Charlie for his determined attitude towards getting dressed independently for PE.


Star of the Week!


Lucas did some amazing work in Science. He has been learning how to say some scientific words – “magnetic” and “non-magnetic” when searching for objects that stick or do not stick.

Well done Lucas. Keep up the amazing work!


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