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Welcome to Oak Class 2021/2022


Oak Class

Teacher: Beulah

Supporting Staff: Sue and Angela


The topic this half term is Relationships, we will be looking at friendship, respectful relationships and online friends.

We will be working on Making the Most of Leisure time and Community action over this term.


This week we have been working hard in phonics and counting objects in Maths.  We have made pizza and had the chance to choose our own toppings.  In Life Skills we did role plays on how to get help in an emergency.  We practised dialing 999 and answering questions.


Any wow mentions from the week.

Fantastic pizzas.


Star of the week:

Connor has worked really hard in Maths this week.



We made pizza this week and chose to have ham and tomato as toppings. Next week we are going to choose different toppings.

In life skills we practiced making phone calls for different situations.


Any wow mentions from the week.

All pupils did amazing work making pizza and took some delicious pizza home.

Star of the week:

Rebecca has worked amazingly this week in all areas and wants to work independently


We have been reading fantastic Mr Fox this week and linking our English work to the story.

All had fun in PE this week.

We made pancakes in cooking and ate them with syrup.


Any wow mentions from the week.

Some great independent writing by Michael.

Star of the week:

Fantastic work from Michael this week.


Some fantastic work this week about Treasure Island.  We also had the opportunity to watch Treasure Island performed by a theatre company, which the pupils very much enjoyed.

Any wow mentions from the week.


Fantastic work on ordering instructions in English.


Star of the week:

Leiyton has been very helpful this week in Oak class.

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