Otter Class Blog

Welcome to Otter Class 2021/2022

Teacher: Rachel

Supporting Staff: Anglea, Sinead, Ashlee, Pauling

This half term our topic is Street Detectives. We’re learning about our local area, maps and directions. We’re going to be focusing on learning our address and being able to write this independently. We’re going to be thinking about different types of homes we find in our community and the different cultures we will find there too. In English, our text is the Iron Man which we’re going to reading and working on until October half term.

This week in Otter class we have been focusing on sustainability and living a sustainable life within our local community. We’ve been thinking carefully about plastic and it’s impact on our environment and how this is effecting us every day which everyone was very interested in. We have considered how we can reduce plastic in our lives and what to do with plastic that we do use to protect the environment.

Any wow mentions from the week.

Aleksei has done some incredible independent writing this week, his confidence is really growing.

Harmany is starting to really engage and push herself. She’s settled into her class now and has started to build relationships with students and staff.

Marcel has started to rehearse his sentences verbally which has started to improve his independence in writing.

Star of the week: Aleksei H for incredible effort in his independent writing and for starting to review his own work.


Weekly updates

This week in Otter class we have worked really hard on our English. We’ve been reading the book ‘the Iron Man’ and have been designing our own material men, thinking about where he might have come from and what he might be like. We have really enjoyed sharing our ideas with the rest of the class and being really creative in our thinking.

Wow Mentions

Harmany has been really helpful in class this week, especially in washing up and helping other pupils get their resources.

Tony has been teaching us all new words, his vocabulary is amazing.

Oliver has been really concentrating hard to improve his recollection skills this week. Well done Otters class!

Star of the week: Jake Bugdol for working really hard in all of his physio programmes as well as during his curriculum lessons.

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