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The topic this half term is Street Detectives

We will be taking a walk around out local area to find named objects, items and buildings.  Then we will be looking at the local shops and seeing what jobs people do and what they wear.

In science we are being Eco Worriers and learning how we recycle, why we do it, what bins Doncaster have and what are they used for and what to put in which bin.  During these lessons we will be identifying what each object is made from and trying to describe some of its properties e.g. glass is heavy, see through, hard and it goes in the green box.

In Cookery we are madding different items and using different equipment e.g.  using the microwave to make scrambled egg.

PE we are developing our throwing, catching and kicking skills and playing lots of team teams.

Weekly updates:

This week the pupils have been following directions in PE and when moving around the school.

We have been looking at different homes that people live and learning the names of them, please help your child with this when you ar out and about during the holidays.

Star of the week:

Kendal for using her loud voice to answer questions

Head Teachers Award for this term:

Jacob for great safety knowledge in the forest school


Weekly updates:

During forest school the pupils have been learning how to use different equipment safely and what the equipment is used for.  They have been having toast that has been cooking by staff over a fire and a drink of hot chocolate on the stove.

During maths we have been looking at 3D shapes, learning their names and some of their properties e.g. a cube has 6 sides and they are all the same size.

English we have continued to look at our class book, trying to identify rhyming words, looking at the rooms in the house and writing about what happens in each room.

During our cookery lesson the pupils made biscuits which they loved decorating them with their own patterns.  They have been eating the spare ones during our snack on an afternoon.  During this lesson they have been learning how to keep safe in a kitchen and what to do when the oven is hot.


Star of the week:

Jacob for great safety knowledge outside in the forest school where he was able to independently say that the fire was hot, to be careful and he even found some rain water and put the fire out.


Weekly updates:

During forest school the pupils had to find sticks in the area.  They also have been learning how to handle some cutting equipment correctly, they have been shown how to hold them, carry them and how to cut with them.  They used the stick to make a small fire so they could watch an adult cook toast for the pupils to eat.

PE they have been working together to kick ball to each other using the correct part of their foot.  Then they had to dribble the ball round cones trying to keep the ball under control.

In Maths we have been looking at 2D shapes, naming the shapes, counting to corners and edges.  We have been making pictures using the shapes and counting the different shapes that they have used.

We have started a new book this week ‘In Every House, on Every Street’ where we have been identifying items that are in the different rooms and looking a rhyming words.

Great week Owls.


Star of the week:

Adriana for great signing of new words and trying to say our phonics letters.


Weekly updates:

During forest school the pupils found many different minibeasts, they had to be detectives, looking under rocks, logs, leaves to see what they could see.

PE they have been working together to throw and catch a ball using under arm and over arm.  During the lesson they gained more accuracy and power.

In Maths we have been finding hidden objects in a picture and counting how many we can find, then finding the correct number in the picture and trying to find the number word too.

Fab week Owl using your detective skills in different ways.


Star of the week:

Kendal for great phonics work and recognizing different letters.

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