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Welcome to Rabbit Class 2021/2022

Rabbit Class

Teacher: James

Supporting Staff: Hannah, Sue, Elaine


This half term we will be having lots of fun learning inside and out of the classroom, we will be getting messy and creative J.  We will be learning all about ourselves and learning new skills and working on our gross and fine motor skills.  Our topic in this half term is “There is no place like home”


Rabbit Class WC 11/10/21

This week in Rabbit Class we have been working hard on our phonics where we have introduced a new phonics song which the pupils have enjoyed. We have been working on activities that will help the pupils with their gross and fine motor skills.  We have been looking at making vertical lines in our writing sessions.  In Math’s the pupils have done so well with sorting objects into 2 categories now we will be increasing  In PE we have continued with our kicking skills but working on kicking the ball to a target which was scoring a goal.  In baking we made a vegetable tart where the pupils helped cut up the vegetables and put them onto the base.  We have been looking at family photos in RSE which has been good looking at the pupils reactions when seeing their family memebers.

Have a lovely half term

Rabbit Class

Any wow mentions from the week.

Bunny and Lola for doing some really good interaction with each other at playtime

Luca for showing some brilliant independence skills when making rainbow rice


Star of the week

This week Rabbit’s star of the week is Lilly for doing some fantastic work in Phonics and PE.


This week Rabbit class have continued to enjoy our daily doh disco where all the pupils are sat ready for it to start J.  We have been working on our environmental sounds in reading and in phonics and some pupils have been working to identify letters s, a, t, p from letter sounds.  In maths’s we have been looking at retrieving objects, and identifying big objects and sorting. The class really enjoyed exploring the different textures and tastes of some different fruits. In PE we have started to look at kicking a ball which the pupils enjoyed especially being in the sports hall.


Any wow mentions from the week.

Bunny for showing some good independence skills at choosing times.

George for coming inside independently from playtime


Star of the week

This week Rabbit’s star of the week is Mason for more engagement in activities and also for some fantastic listening



This week Rabbit class has enjoyed our daily doh disco sessions where all the pupils focused and followed the actions.  It’s amazing to see J.  We have been looking at environmental sounds and started working on the letter ‘t’ in phonics.  In cookery we made pitta pizza’s which the pupils learnt and tried new skills such as chopping and spreading.  In PE we have been practicing throwing and rolling aim at targets.  We have got messy in art where the pupils have been using their feet to do some foot printing.


Any wow mentions from the week.

The whole class for being  so engaged and focused in doh disco.


Star of the week

This week Rabbit’s star of the week is Payton for keeping her boots on when outside.


This week Rabbit class have been taking their learning outside with the weather being so nice.  We have been marking making with sticks in sand looking at different grips, listening to environmental sounds.  In phonics with have been working on our letter ‘a’.  In Math’s we have been working on number recognition and taking part in nursery rhymes.  We have had fun in PE practicing our throwing and made jam tarts in our cookery lesson.


Any wow mentions from the week.

George for putting his own shoes on with going outside and for Mason for doing something excellent sitting in circle time


Star of the week:

This week star of the week is Lola for being so happy, interacting with other pupils and for doing some fantastic listening.

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