Deer Class

Deer Class

Welcome to Deer Class.

Hi Folks, I am Jean Oxley, the teacher of Deer Class. In our class we are supported by Lynne, Mandy and Jo. Deer class are a sensory group and most of our activities are practical, but we try to make them fun, interesting and exciting.

We always start our day with a good morning song, day, date and weather and Mr Motivator, then we are ready for some learning in a variety of subjects including: Word and Number, Art, Science, PE, Life Skills, Cookery, Outdoor Learning and Music and Movement.

Please keep in regular contact via seesaw also as I am putting some activities on there too as an alternative to the printed home learning or practical activities.

Week commencing 17-05-2021

Deer Class have enjoyed making clay and mud self-portraits this week in the forestry school, gathering flora to add to them for the features. We have been linking with Badgers class for our Forestry school sessions and this has been beneficial for both groups. They have also done well making fruit crumble, hope you all enjoy eating it. Sam had a wow moment by getting his hands in and mixing and making the breadcrumb texture. He usually uses the wooden spoon and doesn’t like it on his hands so well done Sam! All the pupils did really well with this too. Reading and communication is coming on well and number work too. The children explored Tangrams this week during their shapes work, making some fabulous tangram animals. Have a lovely weekend, Jean.


Week commencing 10-05-2021

Hi Folks, This week Deer Class have had fun making burger box monsters and box models and also making bread. Kendal made an amazing plait with prompts which was extremely good.   The pupils had a go at different types of rolls, and all enjoyed rolling, kneading and mixing, We’ve also thrown seed bombs around the Forestry school to germinate with the weather and grow some lovely wild flowers in a random pattern all over the forestry school.  We have also planted some willow to make a living willow den. Have a lovely weekend, Jean


Week commencing 3rd May

Hi Folks, Deer Class have been experimenting with making muffin pizzas, hope you all liked them. The pupils enjoyed identification and taster sessions with all of the ingredients so they could choose what ingredients they wanted to put onto their pizzas, so designer pizzas. In number we’ve been making shapes with numbers, number bonds or big and small depending on the child. In letter work we’ve been recognizing our name, cvc words, matching pictures in reading books and phonics depending on the child. We’ve also made salt dough and been practicing for our production.


Week commencing 26th April

Hi Folks, Deer Class have been getting arty this week and Kendal won our Student of the week for her lovely blending and independent art work. All of Deer class got the wow of the week for their lovely art work. We have also been working with Badger class on the Forestry School making seed bombs, we got messy but it was fun. We’ve used the hand whisk in Life Skills Independence session to make chocolate milk and some of the children really enjoyed using the whisk and drinking the chocolate milk. Deer’s have made some lovely cheesy scones and fruit scones, weighing ingredients, cracking eggs, mixing and rolling the mixture out and cutting the scones out; and we had a good tasting session this afternoon. We’ve had another session of Kurling and the children are enjoying trying to hit the target and developing their skills. Have a lovely long weekend, Jean



Week commencing 12th April

Hi Folks Hope you all had a lovely Easter Break. Since we’ve come back to school Deer class have had a few new adventures. We’ve started some hydroponics, growing cress without soil. We linked with Badger class on our  forestry school session to paint Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life onto the outside walls of the forestry school workshop which we all really enjoyed doing. We used a range of stampers, brushes and our hands to create the designs.

We’ve also been baking Honey Flapjack which everyone agreed tasted very good.

We’ve been enjoying the sunshine doing our PE outside with the parachute which was fun. We’re also looking at size and shape putting things in size order or showing which is bigger or smaller

Have a good weekend, Jean




Week commencing 15th March

Deer class have been very busy this week making symmetrical pictures, getting to know the Paint 2D programme for creating on the computer, some pupils have used the new physio swing, and loved it. The swing made them feel so relaxed. We’ve also been looking at position such as under, over, in, on and around. We’ve had lots of developing to music. We had fun on Comic relief Day.


Week commencing 8th March

Deer Class have been continuing with our Super Hero work this week and the display is coming on nicely, though not quite finished, pictures to follow. We have also made some things for our super hero mums for Mother’s Day, we’ve had an eventful week as we’re all back together but everyone has caught up with friends on the playground. I’d like to say well done to Kendal for becoming our Student Representative for the student Council and attending the first meeting this week. Here are a few pictures from this week’s activities, Have a lovely Mother’s Day. Kind regards, Jean


Week Commencing 25th February 2021

Hi Folks, Our theme this half term is Real Life Super heroes so you will be seeing some good pictures around that theme in the coming weeks. Our reading books for this theme are Super Hero Dad and Super Hero Mum by Timothy Knapman. In other lessons our amazing Deer pupils have been doing some lovely work this week in number, independence skills, phonics, PE and art to name a few. We do still enjoy our Mr Motivator every morning. Our Star of the week is Sam for his amazing throwing in PE and our Wow of the week is Marek for the work he is doing at home. Have a good weekend. Jean

Week Commencing 8th February 2021

It has been lovely to see our Deer Class pupils enjoying the snow this week, life cannot be all work ….

Our children’s wellbeing is very important and being happy, enjoying what you are doing is key … so we try to make learning fun and learning can be had in a wide range of activities …

We’ve started to have a ‘Deer of the week’ and ‘Wow’ of the week and I thought I would put them on here too for you as this week it is one of our pupils who are working from home so;

Well Done to Sam for getting the ‘Deer of the Week’ for his efforts in his home learning and to Adriana for the ‘Wow of the week ‘ for her hard work in phonics, signing and verbalizing.

Have a lovely Half term break, Have fun stay safe, Jean



Week Commencing 1st February 2021

Hi Folks, Our amazing Deer pupils have been doing some lovely work this week in matching, counting, phonics, PE and art to name a few. We’ve had a busy week, pupils are doing work about Chinese New Year so we’re making an Ox collage for the year of the Ox as well as our phonics and number work. But we do have fun too with Mr Motivator every morning. Have a good weekend. Jean


Week commencing 25th January 2021

Hi Folks, Deer class have been working on letter and number activities along with art and fine motor skills. Though we haven’t got pictures of all of them we have had half the group participating in remote learning sessions and a couple of the group working in different class within school. This week’s pictures of our amazing busy Deer pupils include making braids to have a go at some lacing pictures, counting with the number fish and joining in with remote learning sessions,  matching activities, signing and pencil control. Well done to all of our children and thank-you to our lovely parents too for all your help and support. Have fun keep safe. Jean Oxley.


Week Commencing 11th January 2021:

We’ve had some lovely pictures of Deer Class enjoying their learning and recreating some activities they do in school too. Or working with family members. And even having an indoor snowball fight, very innovative well done.

Week commencing 18th January 2021

Our amazing Deer pupils have been keeping busy. The tunnel is getting plenty of use, but they tell me they’ve been walking and taking care of the dog, as well as trying different activities from their home learning packs, perhaps photos of those activities to come hopefully.



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