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Hi everyone, welcome to our Frog class blog! Each week we will be uploading lots of fun things for you to see! There will be pictures, information and our achievements from the week! We will do a Frog of the week and a WOW moment for each child.

Week commencing 28/06/2021


I can’t believe we have finished our last week in Frog Class before our transitions! I am proud of how much everyone has grown and progressed over the last year ? We have had an amazing last week together and enjoyed doing all our favourite activities.

On our final day in class, we took part in sports day with our friends and loved going to the summer fayre to look at all the stalls- of course we enjoyed a few sweet treats.

Hope everyone enjoys their new classes. We will miss you all.

From Frog Class stag, Hannah, Lauren, Mandy & Jane!


Week commencing 21/06/2021

Hi everyone, we’ve been getting in the summer spirit this week and finishing off filming our summer music video! You’ll be able to watch it soon.

Some of our favourite moments from this week have been dressing up in summer related accessories and pretending we were at the beach – Harry particularly loved the sunglasses. We had some sand, beach balls, beach umbrella, arm bands, goggles and a swim cap – we felt like we were really there!

Frog of the week

This week our frog of the week is Harry! Harry really challenged himself during P.E and climbed super high on the climbing frame! ?

New classes

You should have all now received a letter about your child’s class next year- we will be starting transition on the 5th. Within the next few weeks there will be a new teacher video on the website, so you are able to see who your child’s teacher is – some of you may already know them though! ? If you have any questions, please contact me on seesaw.




Week commencing 14/06/2021


We have had another busy week in Frog Class. The heat has made it really difficult to focus at times but we have enjoyed lots of cold drinks and ice lollies to try and cool us down. We have continued to work on our Maths and English and lots of fun topic related activities ?


In cooking we have been looking at fresh foods and different ways to cook them! We cut up some peppers, onions and mushrooms and with help from an adult, we looked at frying them in the frying pan! Emmanuel really enjoyed practicing the different ways to cut the vegetables.


In P.E we loved using the climbing frame and we all completed a really challenging obstacle course to practice for sports day. Ollie and Logan really challenged themselves to go higher on the frame.


In our Art lesson we made Father’s Day and perfected our gluing skills. We really try hard to make sure we put the right amount of glue on the card. Riley focused really well and did great overwriting of his name in his card.

Frog Of The Week:

This week our Frog Of The Week is Ollie!

Ollie had a really great library session this week and enjoyed looking at a variety of books.


Week commencing 07/06/2021

It’s been lovely to see everyone back this week and back into routine. We’ve settled back into doing our favourite activities and trying to take some of them outside to make the most of the sun!

Our topic this half term is To The Beach! We loved playing in our little beach area outside and using lots of different equipment to play with the sand and water.

In baking we made corn flake buns and tried to do this as independently as possible. We loved watching the chocolate melt and mixing it all up. The best part is eating them – obviously! ? In Art we created our own little beach collage with all the different things you may find at the beach. In Maths and English we have continued to embed all the skills we have learnt over the year and use them in different contexts. This is so important!

We LOVED moving snack outside to make the most of the sun! ?

Thank you to those who have sent sun cream in ? Please send in some cream and the consent form if you would like us to apply it.

Frog of the week

This week our Frog of the week is Emmanuel! Emmanuel showed so much independence in his baking lesson.


Week commencing 24/05/2021

How has another half term gone already? Time is flying in Frog Class! We’ve had another busy week, completing all our work, developing our communication and independence and traveling to different places around school. We loved going on the sensory swing to regulate before learning, we have been much more independent in the kitchen and trying new skills in P.E!

Frog of the week:

Our Frog of the week this is week is the whole of Frog class! They have all done so well transitioning around school to lots of different places!

Thank you for your continued support over the last half term. Have a lovely week off.

Frog Class Team


Week commencing 17/05/2021

Frog Class loved their time in the kitchen again, we made sausage rolls and cheese and onion rolls, and all pupils were able to do parts independently! ? We loved our P.E lesson where we used the benches to create a path to practice traveling in different ways! ? Unfortunately we weren’t able to go the library this week due to the power cut!! ?

WOW moments: 

Logan was able to tell us that a tree started with the t sound

Emmanuel followed instructions well and was mostly able to make a sausage roll independently

Harry focused really hard when using different shape bricks to build a tower – he made sure to check it was sturdy

Keon was able to clap a pattern along to a song

Ollie problem solved really well during our P.E activity

Frog of the week:

Our Frog of the week is Riley!! Riley independently exchanged a symbol to ask for help with his shoe laces for the first time ?

We have been loving:

YouTube link   -The Singing Walrus – Action Songs



Week commencing 10/05/2021

Frog class have had a great week in all different areas of the school. We have particularly loved the cooking room and the library!  In the library we looked at books, used the computers and listened to a story. In cooking we made scrambled egg with help from the adults in my class. We loved it and we were really engaged. Look at our photos from cooking – we even dressed the part!! ?

Our wow moments:

Emmanuel really loved making scrambled eggs – he was so focused and even went back for round 2! ?

Logan has been independently asking for help to open his food at snack time

Harry independently matched all the shapes in his Maths work

Riley was really engaged in his art lesson

Keon sat and looked at a variety of books in the library

Frog of the week:

This week our Frog of the week is Ollie for lots of independent verbal requests. Ollie said ‘ I want jumper off please’ and ‘I want more drink please’ Well done Ollie! ?

We are loving:

This week we are loving our months of the year song!  Youtube link

We love singing it so loud! We have some beautiful vocals and humming! ?



Frog Class have been really busy this week. We have been working on our transitioning around school and trying to be as independent as possible. We are trying to develop our independence in all areas of our learning! We love getting creative and trying new activities, this helps us to develop our independence in different areas and contexts.

WOW moments:

Emmanuel was making glasses for people out of pipe cleaners- he was looking at people’s faces and knew who needed some and who didn’t!

Ollie challenged himself in P.E and climbed really high on the climbing frame

Harry did some really controlled balancing in Forest School

Logan independently painted his box during art

Riley has been exchanging a symbol when asking for help more

Frog of the week

This week our Frog of the week is Keon!! Keon tried some garlic bread for the first time ?



Another busy week in Frog Class, we have been really busy with all our learning. Our favourite class moment was our visit to the kitchen to continue practicing our spreading. Last week we worked on spreading on bread and this week we progressed to bagels – a lot more precision involved!!

WOW moments: 

Ollie was able to independently count out the correct number of counters for the number he was given

Logan focused so well when spreading jam on his bagel and did well to avoid the hole

Emmanuel has been really interested in a variety of new books

Keon communicated well during a tac pac session

Harry was really resilient when building a tower when it kept falling down


Frog of the week:

Our Frog of the week is Riley! ? Riley has coped really well with the changes to our home time routine! ? Well done Riley.

We have been loving:

Tac Pac! 

Frog class love chilling out and winding down after a busy day at school. Tac Pac helps us relax and experience different textures and sounds. It’s a perfect opportunity to develop our communication too!

You can find out more about it here: Tacpac link

Tacpac draws together touch and music to create a structured half hour of sensory communication between two people. Tacpac creates sensory alignment and helps people of any age who have sensory impairment, developmental delay, complex learning difficulties, tactile defensiveness, and limited or pre-verbal levels of communication.



We have really enjoyed having the lovely weather this week. We all love being active and running around and the great weather is the perfect opportunity to take our learning outside!!

We love being able to get out the classroom and visit lots of different places in school. This week we have loved going to the kitchen to make our own jam sandwiches, we went to the library to look at some new books and to the forest school area to explore the new changes.

WOW moments:

We have had some amazing WOW moments this week!!

Ollie really focused when tracing the letters in his name

Riley really engaged during a colour sorting activity

Keon independently made his jam sandwich

Logan recognised when his friend was upset and ran to give them a hug

Emmanuel consistently signed for a biscuit during snack time

Frog of the week:

This week our Frog of the week is Harry. Harry showed great curiosity and engagement during his environmental sounds phonics session.



It’s been great to have all of Frog Class back in school after the holidays. We have really enjoyed seeing each other and we have all worked hard on getting back into our classroom routine.

We have been really focusing on extending the duration we work for, and we are all sitting for much longer during our lessons. We have enjoyed practicing our over arm throwing in P.E, scooping skills in baking, a visit to the library and practicing blowing in soapy water!!

Frog of the week 

Our Frog of the week is Logan!! Logan has done really well following verbal instructions this week and is sitting for longer each time he does his work ??

We have been loving

Bubbles!! Bubbles can be used for so many different reasons and we love them in Frog Class. This is why we have been practicing blowing, so we can blow our own bubbles! ?




This week we have been enjoying the sunshine and getting out as much we can. We love taking our learning outside!  We’ve done lots of fun Easter related activities this week – look at us decorating Gingerbread Easter Eggs.

We loved Comic Relief last Friday (Especially sponging the staff members) Look at some of our fab costumes!!

Frog of the week:

This week our Frog of the week is Emmanuel. Emmanuel signed and verbally requested more for the first time! He is now using it in lots of different contexts in the classroom. Amazing!!


Riley shared the outdoor web swing with his friends outside

Ollie transitioned in and out during a fire drill with minimal prompt

Logan did some great singing to our dinner song

Keon washed his hands under the taps with little prompt

Harry used some new symbols in class to communicate

We have been loving:

THE SUN!!! ?

Thank you all for your continued support over another half term. Have a lovely Easter and we will see you all soon!

Frog Class Staff




This week we have really been enjoying the sun and our time outside! We are really looking forward to lots of outdoor learning in the Summer term.

We have also had some super WOW moments for each pupil!


Riley independently lined up when hearing the end of play bell without being prompted.

Ollie sang Happy Birthday to his classmate when eating birthday cake

Harry used his problem-solving skills in his puzzle activity and persevered when it was challenging

Emmanuel hummed along to Old McDonald with Lauren in the sensory room

Logan did some great forward and backwards counting when on the swing

Frog of the week:

Our Frog of the week is Keon!! Keon tasted some new vegetables during our cooking activity. Keon enjoyed trying the peppers and tomatoes. He also signed and said more for the first time. Amazing!!

We have been loving: 

Our sensory swing!! This week we been spending lots of time on the sensory swing to meet our proprioceptive and vestibular needs. It really helped to calm and be ready for learning.





Hello everyone,

In RHSE this week we have been focusing on recognising our friends and families on photos. We have REALLYY enjoyed this and it has shown how much we all love our families!!  We have really enjoyed making cards and gifts for Mother’s day too.

We have all had a fab time on the new sensory swing – some of us were super excited on it and some used it to chill out.

Frog of the week:

This week our Frog of the week is Ollie. Ollie has been making lots of verbal requests in class. ?

We have been loving:

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea sing a long

YouTube link

Thanks everyone! ?



Hello everyone.

We have been working really hard on our Maths and English work this morning. We have been trying to sit for longer each day and extend our learning.  We are really enjoying listening to counting songs and using different resources to help!

In baking we looked at different fruits and had a go at tasting some things. In our sensory session we played with lots of different sized balloons, we enjoyed batting them around the room and watching them float.

We loved World Book Day this week! Have a look at some of our costumes below.

Frog of the week:

This week our Frog of the week is Riley!! Riley has done so many amazing things this week. Riley came to the table to do this work without prompt.

We are also super proud of Riley for wearing non -uniform to school on World Book Day! ?

We have been loving:

We love using songs to support transition. We enjoy having a dance to this one whilst we get ready for our dinner.

YouTube Link



Hello everyone.

Hope you all had a lovely week off. It’s been great to hear what you’ve all been up to. This week we have been settling back into our classroom routine and enjoying being back in school with our friends.

This half term our topic is Superheroes rule!! Staff were ready to greet the pupils in our superhero outfits!

Have a look at what we been up to in class this week.


The 4th of March is World Book Day with a focus on Superheroes! ? 


Annual Reviews:

Another big thanks for all the pre annual review phone calls. You will all have received an invite to your child’s review now.

Frog of the week:

This week our Frog of the week is Keon. Keon sat really well during our class story and enjoyed listening to it.

WOW moments:

Logan – Repeating lots of different words starting with the S sound

Emmanuel – Using problem solving skills in classroom

Riley – Held his pen in tripod grip really well

Ollie – Engaged really well in his phonics session

Harry – Following classroom routines and instructions with minimal prompt


We have been loving:

Our class story is SuperTato. We are reading it together as a class and using puppets to help us with the story.

You can listen to it here.

YouTube link




Hello everyone,

Another fab week for all in Frog Class. We’ve been doing lots of great work and focusing really well.

Have a look at some of the fab learning we have been doing.

Thanks to everyone for our pre annual review phone calls – it’s fab to look back and reflect on how much progress they’ve all made, even with so much interruption! We are so so so so proud!!

Big shout out to Logan for  winning the Head Teacher’s award last week for getting changed independently. Well done Logan!

Frog of the week:

This week our Frog of the week is Emmanuel! Emmanuel did so well during our P.E session and bouncing the basketball with so much control.

Wow moments:

 Harry: Completing a really challenging puzzle independently

Ollie: Using a lot more language within the classroom

Riley: Signing please to Carol on the bus

Keon: Sorting lots of different coloured bears into the pots

Logan: Writing his name with just a visual prompt

Well done boys! We are all so proud!!

We have been loving:

YouTube link

 We love having a boogie to this in the classroom!

Have a lovely week off and see you on Tuesday!

Frog Class staff



 Hi everyone,

Thank you for your feedback about this page – it’s great to know you’re all enjoying it. We’ve had another great week. We have had some fabulous work and focus coming out of Frog Class.

Here are a few pictures below.

Annual Reviews

Just a quick remember all our annual reviews are coming up after half term. I will be contacting you all next week to discuss targets for the next year!

Frog of the week:

This week our Frog of the week is Harry! Harry is following classroom routines well and coming to sit to do his work without being asked. Fab Harry! Keep it up!

 Wow moments:

Ollie: Using a sentence strip at home and school to support his speech and requesting in a full sentence

Riley: Independently mixing well during our baking activity

Keon: Ordering numerals 1-5 independently

Logan: Getting changed for P.E on his own  

Emmanuel: Ordering the letters in his name without a visual prompt

We have been loving:

YouTube link

 We love using this song to indicate it is time to tidy up. We love dancing along at the same time! Maybe you could use it at home too?

Frog class team



Hello everyone,

Another week gone already! WOW, it’s going so fast. Another great week in Frog Class.

In Maths we have been doing:




Problem Solving

In English we have been:

Reading lots of books

Phonics activities

Pencil control

Letter formation

All the pupils have enjoyed their personalised learning.

Have a look at some of the fab photos below!

Frog of the week:

This week our Frog of the week is Logan. Logan has been focusing really hard on writing his name independently and with no visual prompts. Well done – Keep up the fab work!


WOW moments:

Ollie: Forming the letters of his name with increasing independence

Keon: Beginning to recognise and order the days of week symbols

Riley: Repeating different words. We received a fabulous video from home of him saying ‘princess’!!

Emmanuel: Independently looking at new books in the classroom

Harry: Ordering the letters in his name

Keep up the great work everyone!!


We have been loving:

When we can’t get outside due to the weather we love having a dance to burn off some energy and laugh together.

YouTube link

See you next week!


Frog Class team



Last week we loved being outdoors and in the snow with our friends and family. Look at how much fun we had- even the staff had some snow fun too! ?

Frog of the week:

This week our Frog of the week is Ollie! Ollie has been working independently in his Maths work and is doing so well counting different quantities and matching them to the numbers. Well done Ollie ?


WOW moments:

Keon: Participating in new activities for a longer duration of time

Logan: Always coming to do his work when asked the first time

Riley: Focusing on his pencil control when tracing his name

Emmanuel: Completing challenging puzzles independently

Harry: Exchanging a wider range of symbols to communicate


Keep up the great work everyone!!


We have been loving:

This week Frog class have been loving playdough activities – you could try this fine motor activity at home!

YouTube link


Make sure you check the page each week to see what we have been up to!!

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