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Tutor Kerry Shawcroft

LSA Angela, Steve, Pauline

We strive to achieve the most we can while the students branch into adulthood. Throughout the year, we provide an exciting and varied curriculum which enables pupils to develop key lifelong learning skills as well as promoting a love of learning and developing essential life skills including, self-awareness and social skills, managing feelings, empathy, reasoning and creative thinking.

Teaching is also undertaken outside the classroom during carefully planned visits/activities which allow the pupils to demonstrate their confidence in a range of situations. This helps learners to consolidate and apply their skills to different contexts; therefore, extending their learning.

Week commencing 28/06/2021

This week in maple class we have celebrated Mason’s 18th birthday. In communication time we have been talking about the transition next week.

In maths we have been exploring shapes, matching numbers and making groups to the equivalent amount.


Week commencing 21/06/2021

Over this week we have been recapping on skills we have already learnt. In maths we have revisited time and money. In English we have been looking at descriptive words and how they are used.

The star of the week is Kiea Rushton we are so proud of how well she did in Duke of Edinburgh as this is the first time she has spent a night from home. Well done, Kiea


Week commencing 14/06/2021

We have had a busy week in Maple class where we have revisited our money skills. We filmed our summer production and have been out in the community caring for the environment.

This week’s star of the week is Lewis wright for starting to blend letters while reading.


Week commencing 07/06/2021

This week the sixth form have taken part in a mini First Aid course. They all took part and enjoyed it.  They were very interested in what they had learnt.

The Star of the week is Mason for independently spelling hat and sequencing the letters as he did so.


Week commencing 24/05/2021

This week in maple class we have been busy in the kitchen making eggy bread and practising our life skills in making a snack. They all did really well and cleaned up after themselves and helped each other to complete the tasks.

The Star of the week is Demmi Leigh for coming back to school and being an active part of the group. She also sequenced numbers up to 20.

Hope you have a lovely break next week and let’s hope the weather will be good to us.

From the Maple team


Week commencing 10/05/2021

This week in maple class we have been making a cheese salad wrap for a healthy snack. We talked about what a healthy snack is and discussed what 5 a day means.

This week is UK Mental Health Awareness Week, so we have taken a small time out of each day to give our minds a rest. We talk about what we enjoyed and what made us relax on Monday and for the rest of week students participated in this to relax them.

The star and Wow of the week is Stephen for nearly getting all of his full name right and starting his surname with a capital letter.


W/C 03-05-2021

This week in maple class we have working on prepositions in maths, ( in, on, under, next to and in between) the class really enjoyed this and found different ways to demonstrate this.

The star of the week is Rachael Kelly for becoming more independent with her work and trying new ways of working problems out.  Rachael has also been kind and has been helping her peers with their computer work.


W/C 26-04-2021

This week in we have been looking at O, clock and half past the hour in maths. The students have been building on their communication skills by answering and asking questions to their peers. We did this in group work sessions across the week.

Lewis Wright has received the Star of the week for telling the group about fake Emergency calls and why we should not call 999 unless we really need to. He also gave good examples of reasons to phone 999

Hope you enjoy the Bank holiday weekend Maple Class!


W/C 19-04-2021

This week in Maple Class we have been concentrating on half past the hour for Maths.  Daniel Quinn received the Star of the week for remembering this and helping his peers in class.

In ASDAN we are covering looking after our environment and growing and looking after plants. We have had a number of visitors to our window bird feeder. The class have loved matching them to the pictures of birds and putting them on our tally chart.


W/C 12-04-2021

This week has been really lovely having the full class back together and you would not know they had been apart.

We have been really busy making use of the nice weather painting the garden furniture we made in Careers. As part of our ASDAN Enterprise we are making and painting garden ornaments that are now for sale.

The Star of the week is Jake Claybourn for excelling in knowing o’clock  -well done Jake.


W/C 22-03-2021

This week we have been following instruction and as part of this we have made bird feeders which the students really enjoyed and so have the birds.

The star of the week is Lewis Wright for excellent Maths work storing objects into colours and groups.

Hope you have a lovely Easter holidays and the weather is good to us.


W/C 15-03-2021

This week we have been making patterns with everyday objects. We have talked about keeping ourselves safe in the community and how to safely cross the road.

And the star of the week is Mason for putting the letters of his name in order

Well Done, Mason!


W/C 08-03-2021

Some students have returned to school this week and you would never think they had been away. They all really enjoyed making a rain gauge yesterday with our enterprise adviser from Drax Power station.

W/C 01-03-2021

Students have been learning all about capacity in maths, in particular more, less, full, half full and empty

Below are photos of our remote learners carrying the learnt skills into their home life.

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