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Week commencing 28-06-2021

Owl class have been busy practicing and filming clips for their summer production ‘Shotgun’.  The have loved making some props and using them within the video.  We have some amazing singers, signers and actors.  Look out for the film coming soon to our website.  Thank you Owl Class.


Week commencing 21-06-2021

This week we have been practicing for sports day next week.  The pupils have enjoyed the javelin, hurdles and welly throwing.  We have been learning about changes in our body when we do exercise, the pupils have been finding their pulse in their neck.


Week commencing 14-06-2021

It is money week, so we have been doing looks of work around money and coins.  We have been looking at the different colours, size and value of the coins that we use.  In our cookery lesson we visited a fruit shop (within the room) to buy our fruit to make a fruit smoothie.  We also wanted to watch the football, but the pupils had to buy a ticket to be able to watch the game, they coloured in the country’s flag and enjoy drinking our homemade smoothie.


Week commencing 07-06-2021

This week we have started our new topic about going to the beach.  We have listened to stories about the beach.  We have investigated how we would get to the beach in this country and what we would need to take with us.

On Wednesday we participated in a simple first aid course. The pupils have learnt how to put on a plaster, what to do if they are bleeding (press it hard to help stop it bleeding), how to roll someone over and what number to call for an ambulance. The pupils practiced calling 999 to ask for an ambulance.


Week commencing 24-05-2021

We have been learning how to make picnic foods such as sandwiches, buns, biscuits, etc. The pupils loved having a picnic on the school field and eating the party food that they have made. This has been a great finish to our theme of Peace at Last.


WC 3rd May 2021

Owl class have started a new topic about sounds that we can hear.  We have been investigating sounds within school and out of school, what sounds we can hear and make.  The pupils have really enjoyed making different sounds using their hands, feet, sticks, objects and many other things and identifying if the sound was loud or quiet. During our baking sessions we have been looking at keeping safe in the kitchen and what we need to do before we start cooking, from cleaning the tables, tying our hair up to wearing an apron.  All the pupils love baking, learning new techniques and using different equipment, we have even been measuring using spoons to make biscuits and pizza in a mug. Our Literacy has been based around the book Peace at Last by Jill Murphy.  We have been using the pictures to tell the story and to answer questions then have read the page to see if we have got the story correct.


WC 12th April 2021

Owl class have tried something new in cooking this week, we made pizza in a mug, they had to use a spoon to measure the ingredients out and then they learnt how to use the microwave to cook it.  The pupils really enjoyed eating it afterwards.  We have visited the forest garden to make and find things that made loud and quiet noises, we could even hear some of the vehicles from the main road.  In PE the pupils have been finding different ways to travel across the equipment, balancing, crawling, hopping or jumping, they were all very good at it and gave suggestions on different ways that we could try.



WC 22nd March 2021

We have had an Easter theme this week.  We have made Easter chick biscuits and then decorated them.  In our creativity lesson we have made symmetrical butterflies using paint and Easter baskets that we can bring home.  The pupils loved using the computer to make pictures and symmetrical patterns, they have been learning to control the mouse to paint a picture on the screen.  Over the holidays, if possible and you have time, can you help your child to use a mouse on a computer as this is a focus that the pupils have struggled with to gain more experience in controlling the mouse.  We have also been looking at the Easter story and why we are given chocolate Eggs for Easter.   Hope you all have a relaxing Easter break, and we will see you all back in the summer team.



WC 8th March 2021

This week in Owl class we have been exploring vegetables in our cookery lesson.  All the pupils loved trying to guess the vegetable and describing it. Once we had talked about where and how they grow the pupils could try them.  We had a vote to see which ones the pupils liked the best so that we can make our own soup next week.




WC 1st March 2021

Larissa is out star of the week – she has answered questions amazingly in our cookery lesson.

This week is careers week and we have had the focus ‘People Who Help Us’. Over the week we have looked at different people that help in different places such as home, school, out and about and the emergency services.

During our creativity we looked at different uniforms people wear for different jobs and why they wear them, the pupils loved making their own uniforms for different jobs (there are some very colourful ones).

Maths has been all about patterns, looking at patterns, what are they, making our own from objects and pictures. On Wednesday we used pictures of the emergency services to make our own repeating patterns and had fun completing patterns using the computer.

Cookery was about peeling and cutting vegetables safely and we also learnt where they come from and how they grow. We looked at a leek and the different parts that it has and why it has them e.g. roots so that it can get food from the ground and water to help it grow.

We are all looking forward to next week.


WC 22nd February 2021

Owen Aghe for settling very well into school, he has tried different fruit juices and enjoyed the orange juice.

This week we have been Superheroes to go with our new story book – Supertato!

In PE we warmed up using Super speed, Superhero flying and Mega jumping! It was hard when Mr. Atkins shouted Freeze Ray we all had to freeze. We were brilliant at listening because of our super hearing!

We also split into two teams (Mr. Atkins Super Beavers and Mrs. Norman’s Super Owls) and had to collect the other teams super powers! We worked really really well.

We have also been thinking about keeping healthy! We tried different fruit. Most of us liked the pineapple. We also tried secret superhero fruit juice. Most of us liked the pineapple juice the best. Next week we will be making our own special power drink for Supertato! We will let you know how we get on!

During our outdoor forest school lesson where we were looking for signs of spring and insects that had been hibernating during the winter.

We have had a number of pupils back this week that have not been in school since the Christmas break so we have been playing lots of team games and following classroom routines. Everyone in class have had a great week, they have all done good listening and following routines and instructions.

We are all looking forward to next week.


WC 25th January 2021

Beaver and Owl Classes have all been superstars again!

Welcome back Tim and Tom! They have both settled really well!

We all loved meeting up with some of our friends who are at home school and listened to a story!

Update on the magic beans! Korri, Cayden, Larissa’s and Sonja’s beans are ALL growing! In class not so well, we are still waiting! In conclusion the magic beans grow better at home!

We have done a Jack and The Beanstalk role-play. Mckenzie enjoyed being mum!

Some of us made red pepper and tomato soup which we all loved! Tristan and Jack loved it that much they had 2 bowls. We are proud that Mrs. Mac didn’t set the fire alarm off!

Some of us made our beanstalk that reaches to the ceiling!

We have been thinking about getting changed into our PE kits which we all tried hard with getting our shirts on the right way round. Some of us found putting our socks on a little tricky!!

We then used the climbing frame again to climb like Jack>.

Beaver Of The Week – Noah Colcombe, for a brilliant retelling of Jack & The Beanstalk.

Jack Hayes – Fantastic all week. Brilliant behaviour!



Beaver and Owl class Stars of the Week are Tristan for being so brave and climbing the apparatus during PE & Mckenzie for really good behaviour!

We have had a really, really busy week and visited a land far, far away. We have been reading Jack and The Beanstalk! Noah enjoyed being Jack’s mum telling him to
“get to bed!!”

We have made the giants castle from boxes and thought about how we could stick them together! We got very sticky!

During Pe we climbed using skills and being safe like Jack in the story – we think he should have climbed the beanstalk with a ladder, he would have found it easier.

In science we are trying to find out which is the best place to plant magic beans!? We have put a pot on the window sill, one in the fridge and one in our cupboard! Some of us made a predication too! Some of us think it is too cold to grow in the fridge. We shall let you know!

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