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Primary PE & Sports Grant

About the Premium 

The Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport announced in 2013 that new funding would be made available to support the provision of P.E and sport in state maintained schools. 

The grant will improve the provision and outcomes of P.E and sport for KS1 & 2 students to enable them to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, whilst having fun. Through participation in sport and physical education our younger students will learn the importance of key values such as: Honesty, Teamwork, Fair play and Respect for themselves and others. 

North Ridge School P.E & Sport Provision 

North Ridge Community School provides physical education both inside and outside of the school which helps students to learn and develop important life skills. 

We support and encourage students through curriculum based subjects and an enrichment programme which allows them to make healthy lifestyle choices. 

Students are involved in a variety of activities that encourage life-long participation in physical activity and these include: 

  • A soft play area to improve the development and coordination of EYFS and students who have limited mobility  
  • An outside Gym and specialised activity area on both Primary & Secondary playgrounds 
  • Swimming 
  • Street Dance 
  • Cheerleading 
  • Cycling 
  • A  new fitness suite 
  • Sports Day & Disport 
  • Healthy cooking & eating 

North Ridge Community School believe that Physical Education is an essential part of all pupils’ and students’ educational development. We support the government’s initiative for all children to enjoy being active. Through PE including sport and dance, our pupils and students learn to develop the important qualities of communication, positive attitude, motivation, building self-esteem and resilience. We aim to provide high quality teaching in PE and provide a wide variety of opportunities for children that encourage and inspire every individual child regardless of their ability and starting point. 

Primary PE Sports Premium 2019-2020

Primary PE Sports Premium 2018-2019

Primary PE Sports Premium 2017-2018

Primary PE Sports Premium 2016-2018


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