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North Ridge community School has designed a comprehensive yet bespoke careers program for all of our students from year 7 onwards. Details can be obtained from our careers leader:

Careers Leader Contact details

Careers Leader: Sam Lee

Address: North Ridge Community School, Tenter Balk Lane, Adwick-le-Street, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN6 7EF

Website: North Ridge School

Telephone: 01302 720790



Sarah Richards - Central Nexus Careers Advisor 


Measuring Impact

Measuring the impact of our careers program is done by the use of the School Self Evaluation Form (SSEF), the 6th Form SSEF and the careers action plan. These are reviewed on a termly basis. 

Impact of our careers programme can be seen from our compliance check meeting.

  • 100% of our post 16 students, for who it was relevant, had face to face encounters with employers and employees in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks.
  • A personalised work placement programme is in place run by the careers leader.
  • We have a dedicated careers team in Doncaster and careers advisors who work alongside our careers leader to engage students in quality work related experiences.
  • We are part of the South Yorkshire careers network and attend regular meetings as part of the hub.
  • A review of the careers programme is completed on an annual basis.


The careers programme and information are evaluated and reviewed yearly to ensure coverage and effectiveness.

Careers Delivery

Careers and Work Related Learning (WRL) are taught through the PSHE Curriculum in primary & Secondary  (Key Stage 3/4) and as part of the bespoke curriculum once pupil reach Sixth Form.  Sixth Form have a tailored Careers programme which provides individual and group opportunities for young people to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding. Links with the Job centre Plus/DWP and Careers advisors strengthen the advice and guidance offered. Tailored sessions are accessed by individuals and small groups to develop work skills and provide work experience off site.  Pupils are also supported by our trust careers advisor who works with a number of schools in the trust.

Students follow an educational pathway tailored to their individual needs and required outcomes. These pathways include appropriate objectives to ensure the interests and ambitions of each student are met and fully achievable. In Sixth Form work is completed in collaboration with the young person and their families through the Person-Centred Annual Review Process.  Targets are set to build Social, Independence and Employability Skills in line with Preparation for Adulthood outcomes.

Enterprise is embedded into pupils learning time and pupils have opportunities to develop and understand the essential skills needed for employment.  Pupils are taught the principles of enterprise and work to develop their understanding of these skills, whilst putting them into practice within a supported setting.

Careers and Work Opportunities on offer include:-

Travel Training

Land based studies / Horticulture (Forest schools)

Duke of Edinburgh

Catering (Copper Pipe Café)

Links with other FE providers

Links with local employers

Links with Businesses and Employers

There is a dedicated Careers lead within school to support pupils within their aspirations.  Employer links and links with vocational providers has been strengthened through the involvement in network groups and by dedicating time to developing links and relationships with external agencies and employers. We encourage people to look within the community to provide specialist support, knowledge and information to pupils and teachers wherever possible. Teachers look to the community for ways of enriching learning and making it real for the pupils. Enrichment weeks and focus days provide an opportunity for pupils to be immersed within different themes and to learn about the world of work, both through educational visits and guest visitors and speakers.

Employer/ Case Studies 

Case Study - Copper Pipe Cafe 

Case Study 

Success stories include: -

Progression onto FE and Supported Internships.

A regular café set up within school, run by 6th form students.

Independent work experience opportunities identified and realised.

Weekly Careers meetings with Careers advisor.

Work experience placements within the Copper Pipe café, based at The Bridge, leading to permanent work experience opportunities. ‚Äč

Work with the DWP – Job ready and job ready plus program and adapted activities to suit the individual cohorts.

Post 16/19 market stall event with 10 appropriate providers.- Twice yearly

Work experience activities, personalised to student aspirations.

Work experience partners- Saltersgate Infant School, Smile horticulture.

Potential Post 16/19 Provision links 

Start- Post 16 

North Lindsey College 

North Lindsey College - Foundation Studies  

Wellspring Academy Trust - Post 16 

Useful Documents