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Parents & Carers

In this section, you can find everything that is important to the parents and carers of our students at North Ridge Community School. If you cannot find the relevant information you're looking for, please contact us on 01302 720790

                                  Pastoral / Family Support Service                                                         


We are very proud to support our young people and their families on a daily basis here at North Ridge.

We are here to support, signpost and refer to services we feel would benefit you and your family.

In addition to working with individual families, we are also here to organise regular parent and carer meetings and events where we can discuss general needs and issues that arise in everyday life.


The Early Help Assessment (EHA) process is a common process to identify more               accurately and speedily, the additional needs of children and young people.  This process creates a holistic view of the child and their family, to ensure we are meeting all of their needs and can be used to access a variety of local support including Short Break packages.

We are very good listeners and offer advice in a friendly and supportive way, so please do not hesitate to contact us at school about any issue you would like to discuss confidentially.

 If you feel we can help you in any way, please feel free to get in touch by contacting school on 

01302 720790 and ask for our parent support advisor.